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    Hello there, and greetings and salutations from a broad, the broad being yours truly and truthfully yours, Nicolle Spagnoli. 

    If you're looking at the iconic Sydney Opera House in the photo to the left, you may be thinking I'm from Australia. In fact, I was actually born in Canada. Even have the maple leaf tattoo to prove it, not to suggest Canadians get branded at birth.

    So yes, while I'm Canadian—born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, home of both Sidney Crosby and the world's largest man-made accidental explosion—I've also been a great many things over the years. Newspaper delivery girl, babysitter, fast food cashier, hardware store clerk, pizza delivery driver (for three spectacularly dismal weeks), classified ad copy person, front desk receptionist, copy checker, waitress, English teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer, advertising salesperson, copy editor, editor, bartender, restaurant manager, fitness coordinator, sales and sponsorship manager, event planner, wedding emcee, project manager, motivational speaker, funeral planner, chocolate distributor, marketing and communications consultant, and a corporate partner relations executive for film & television, the airline industry and amateur sport. And, of course, writer.  

    Amongst all the various careers in, I've also managed to fit in a lot of travelling: Nine Canadian provinces, 36 American states, five Mexican estados, seven South Pacific islands, and eight Asian, three Middle Eastern and 11 European countries, as well as a couple of jaunts to Central America, South America and Africa, not to forget the year I lived in Australia or the two years I spent in Japan. And a partridge in a pear treeeee. 

    It's not that I have a problem with settling down, although my Aunt Barbara, who despairs of ever seeing me get married, might beg to differ. It really boils down to two simple points.

    1. There is a lot to do in the world
    2. There is a lot to see in the world 

    While seemingly over simplistic, these have been my two guiding principles in life for as long as I can remember—well, since the age of 16, when I made a couple of life-changing promises to myself:

    Every year, for the rest of your life, visit someplace different, even if it's just out of Nova Scotia.
    Constantly challenge yourself, to be the very best you can be, since mediocrity is not an option.
    Try to live without any regrets, because life truly is too short. 

    And as evidenced by my bucket-list bio, it's never been a question of not being able to settle down. It's always been about not settling for anything less...

    Carpe diem, my friends. Carpe diem.